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Environmental services


Rainfall: 900 mm distributed throughout the year, two (2) periods of rain and two (2) periods of marked drought.


Pure and alkaline waters without Anthropic influence; the waters are born inside the property delivering more than 51 thousand liters per day.


Soils rested for more than 20 years, with a silty-clayey structure with a high presence of organic matter, free of heavy metals, agrochemicals and aflatoxins.


Bimodal winds: East-West direction in the morning, receiving the nocturnal CO2 from the Valle del Cauca crops and, in the afternoon, fresh winds from the Pacific Ocean: West - East leaving an average of 60% humidity in the atmosphere.


Brightness: 12.15 hours daylight  

Solar radiation: 12.15 hours / day given that the farm is located on the eastern slope of the Western Cordillera, facing the rising sun and perpendicular to the west, with an intensity above 80 thousand lux, it ensures high-quality photosynthetic processes. agronomic value, reducing electricity subsidy costs in the day and accelerating photosynthetic processes.

The amount of solar energy that plants receive in the day is 210 watts / m2 average between 650 to 530 cal / cm2, which converts atmospheric CO2 into specific biomass and dry substance.


Minimum temperature 15.5 ° C - Maximum 27.9 ° C  At no time of the year <10 ° C are frosts or adverse processes for the root or foliar systems of the plants.


Each of our Cannabis plants capture 1.8 kg of CO2 in their 108-day life cycle, this means that 1 ha of cannabis fixes 60 tons of CO2 in 4 months, which indicates that it is an important contribution to reduce warming global by capturing greenhouse gases.


The flora present on the farm and in the areas surrounding AsoMiravalle Norte are typical of the tropical dry forest, the most threatened ecosystem in the world due to conurbation; monoculture and extensive livestock processes. We conserve 600,000 m2 of BSST relictus forest essential for life.


The agricultural processes of AsoMiravalle Norte are respectful with the fauna present in the territory. It is easy to find all kinds of birds, in particular the white-bellied turkeys, hummingbirds and tanagers; mammals such as hares, armadillos, foxes, and sloths; great variety of ground and water reptiles and arthropods, and an innumerable variety of amphibians.

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